I'm Matt Robinson, a filmmaker specialising in shooting and editing.  

I work closely with individual clients or digital agencies to provide the technical services needed to produce high quality, innovative and cost-effective content. 

I am able to fluidly adapt to different budgets, scaling or shrinking to meet the demands of a client. I am capable of producing work to suit a broad range of requirements, from small scale productions to large-scale shoots.

Having worked for over 15 years in the industry, I have spent extensive time in different roles and gained valuable experience completing projects with different budgets and requirements. I have worked at a high level in the camera industry and post production, as well as in casting. It is from this broad range of experiences that I have developed the unique skill-set necessary to create engaging and dynamic content.

I am deeply passionate about what I do and I always try to bring something different and give personality to my work. I can produce both quirky or serious content, from animated promos to mainstream corporate films.

If you have any film needs please do get in touch!